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Digital Printing Service

Unlike Screen Printing which requires screens to be made up and inks to be mixed, Digital printing is perfect for short runs of full colour prints on to a wide range of clothing at a reasonable price.

Digitally printed heat transfers now have many different types and applications. We offer a full range of transfer applications, from screen printed, digitally printed, Litho & Vinyl CAD cut. All applications vary with type of material, quantity and number of print colours, lets us advise you which method is the right one for you.

How Transfer Printing Works

Transfer printing is a way of applying an image to a curved or uneven surface. First used to print on china or pottery in the 1750s, using it on fabric is a fairly new process.

Most garment printing companies use heat-applied plastisol transfers when transfer printing. They print a design with special ink, but instead of printing it directly on the garment, they print the design on to special transfer paper.

Then, when the design needs to be applied to the garment, the piece of clothing is placed in a heat transfer press, the transfer is put on top of the garment, ink side down, and the press is closed. The heat and pressure applied by the press then forces the ink into the garment. And when the press is opened and the paper is peeled off the shirt, the ink remains behind.

Transfer printing is particularly popular method of decorating baseball caps for example. Baseball caps are difficult to print well because of the complications involved in printing on a curved surface. But transfers for baseball caps can be printed very quickly and applied very easily, making perfect, economical promotional items.

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